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Under Armour Now at That Store!

Sep 8, 2014

Summer is behind us, and cooler fall temperatures are on the way! We are so excited at That Store to tell you about a new brand for fall. We are now your go-to source for Under Armour! That’s right. The brand is a little departure for us from all the smocking, longalls and applique pant sets. But I think it’s time to pay a little attention to the older boys in our lives! Little boys love to play sports. With my little boy, Jack, sports is what it’s all about! Under Armour is the best at dressing athletes of all sizes. Their motto is “Wear this to feel dry & light”.  Now, what little boy doesn’t need a cool fabric to wick away moisture while he’s on the move?  Check out our first new arrivals of Under Armour in-store AND online at If you like these, just wait until we go live with our REALTREE Under Armour collection! You’re gonna love it!!

Other exciting new brands are on the way! I can’t wait for you to see them.


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