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Archive for August, 2011

First Day of School

Aug 23, 2011

Just like many of you, my children have started back to school recently. My girls entered the  tenth and eighth grades this year. Time with them is flying by! For both girls, starting back to school was a piece of cake. All summer long, they attended basketball and cheerleader camps. So, to be honest, it really didn’t feel like they had much of a summer break. They both like school, and both were ready to see their friends. Starting back on classwork and homework was another story. But, we have quickly started a routine, and all is well.

This morning, though, my baby Jack  started school. And that was a whole other story! If you know me, you know it’s all about the first day of school outfit and the new nap mat! Jack wore the Bailey Boy’s shark short set with navy Sun Sans sandals. They told me to wear old clothes that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty. But, as a children’s clothing store owner, I just couldn’t do that! It’s not in me. So, Jack had to look good on his first day. And he did! He walked into  his new school carrying his new Stephen Joseph farm backpack with his coordinating Stephen Joseph horse nap mat. Both of which need to be monogrammed!

Jack is usually an outgoing child. But this morning he was shy and uncertain of his new surroundings. He hid behind me and didn’t want to join in right away. He only knew one little girl! This broke my heart into a million pieces! As a mom, you know if he hurts, you feel that same hurt deep in your bones. But after a few minutes and a couple of breakdowns (by me), he soon sat at the table and began to color with the rest of the class. And at that moment, Jack began to grow up right before my eyes. On the bright side, the little girl that Jack knew, told him that she was now his girlfriend. All in all, not a bad first day of school!