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Archive for July, 2011

A Horse, of Course

Jul 27, 2011

Last Sunday afternoon, Jack called out, “there are horses in our backyard!”. And, sure enough, there were two horses that had escaped their pen and walked to our house for a visit. They first explored our backyard. Then they both walked around to the front of our house. Morgan, Mary Katherine, Jack, and I watched their every move. We opened our front door talking about how pretty they both were.  When all a sudden, both horses decided to meet us up close and personal! I have to admit. We are not horse people. We scattered like a shot! All of us ran back into the house and slammed the front door. Jack was so cute, waving us girls inside and locking the front door for good measure. The horses just kept coming right up to the door. One even took a bite out of the creeping jenny in one of my urns. We were all inside yelling,”Noooo!” and beating on the door, but it didn’t stop him from eating it. And to make matters worse, a long piece of my creeping jenny hung out of his mouth like a trophy. I bet the two of them were laughing at us!

And just like that, after their little snack, they both turned and left our yard. Our neigbors reported that they came to their house too. It’s not every day that two horses come right up to your front door!

Growing Up Too Fast

Jul 24, 2011

I knew this day was coming, and I had dreaded it. That day was today, and it arrived much sooner than I expected. As we were getting ready for church this morning, Jack wanted to dress like his dad. This sounds flattering to some, but for me, it signals the end of an era. An era of wearing jon jons and smocked outfits, that is!

This morning, Jack wanted to wear the Bailey Boys khaki pants (with the zipper and button) along with a Polo gingham button down shirt just like his dad. I have to admit. He did look handsome. He also asked for shoes like his dad. So, I promised him I’d bring home a pair of Sperrys on Monday.

I’m trying not to panic. Jack will still wear the Anavini and Vive La Fete smocked t-shirt sets and the Bailey Boys appliqued short sets for everyday. After all, he still is MY child too! I’m not giving up that easily.

Picture Taking 101

Jul 23, 2011

You won’t believe this! Mary Katherine and I finally got around to reading the  article “12 Weeks to Better Photos” by Joanna Bolick. Sarah (my kind sister-in-law) sent this to us about 3 weeks ago. Mary Katherine and I decided to devote this Saturday afternoon to reading and taking photos! Our photos are a work in progress. I know. I know. Morgan (my oldest daughter and voluntary model for the day) is a little out of focus.  But, I’m hoping that we’re on the right track!

After reading our first lesson about aperture, we used a low f/stop so that only a small portion of our object (Morgan) would be in focus. Notice the background, the trees and playset is out of focus. This is the  affect we were hoping achieve.

In this picture, we used a much higher f/stop. Notice that everything in the background is in focus. Even the far away trees and playset! Wow! What a difference. I can’t wait to use this feature again. I love the affect. Now if we can just understand ISO and shutter speed. Oh well, there’s always next weekend! Here is one more picture that Mary Katerine took. I love her perspective on life. It’s always a little different than mine. And that’s ok by me!

I’d love to hear stories about YOUR photography adventures. Any information or help is appreciated and encouraged! Or, grab one of your children, start clicking, & learn right along with us!

Hard at Work!

Jul 20, 2011

Jack was in heaven! This week he and his dad were busy ripping up concrete that was once our outside deck. Jack was excited to get to use his shovel to help out. And you know the saying, “Boys will be boys”. This phrase entered my mind as both of them were covered in orange dirt in a matter of minutes!

 Digging in the dirt didn’t hold his attention for long. He then moved to the bulldozer. Every little boy’s dream is ride one of these large pieces of machinery. Jack enjoyed every minute of it! My only question is, “how long is this project going to last?”

Stop and Read the Instructions!

Jul 12, 2011

I bought my first Cannon camera when Morgan was born 15 years ago. I know it would shock some of you to know that for all that time I have been using the green mode. There. I said it. My secret is out. It has taken me 15 years to finally want to learn more about my camera. I have seen other people’s beautiful pictures in which the child is so close-up and defined while everything else blends into the background.  But my turning point was when my sister-in-law Sarah Lindsey came for a visit this summer. I handed her my camera and asked her to “show me” all that “stuff”. Sarah began her lesson with talks about ISO and a setting called AV. And, of course, she said I needed to purchase another lens, a 50mm f 1.8. This began the start of my journey!

My lens arrived today!! I was so excited to get started. So excited, in fact, that I didn’t want to read the links on instructions that Sarah sent. My day had been filled with internet orders and customers at That Store. I didn’t want to waist time reading about taking pictures. I just wanted to start! So, I convinced Jack to stand still long enough to be my model. Here is how our session went:

Not bad, right? I know the lighting could be better. But, on the whole, it’s ok for the very first picture.

This picture screams little boy to me. Every little boy needs a sword. At least until it gets taken away. And this one does, at least once a day!


This last pic was not so great. As you can see, it’s a little blurry. Jack was fading fast. (and by the way, he did get his sword taken away)

I do plan to read the instructional links that Sarah sent to me, and if you have any words of advise to help me speed up the process, please send them my way!

Don’t you just love Bailey Boys?

Jul 10, 2011

We are loving our new arrivals from Bailey Boys!  This aline jumper features an eye-catching applique’ butterfly! The butterfly has an aqua body with fuchsia stripes, wings, and antenne.  Flowers and polka dots decorate the butterfly’s wings. The jumper fabric is brown corduroy with aqua polka dots! You know how we love polka dots at That Store! The aline jumper is 100% cotton.  This jumper and all of Bailey Boys outfits are proudly made in the USA! Call, click  or simply drop by That Store today to purchase!

Summer Sale Online & In-Store!

Jul 10, 2011

It’s that time of year again at That Store! Our famous Summer SALE is in full swing! Cari and I have been busy marking prices down on all your (& our) favorite summer outfits both in-store and online. If you live in our area and can visit our store in Dothan, our summer clothes are on SALE! Like always, our summer clothing has been marked with a polka dot! So, look for those dots!! Also, we have loaded up our racks of summer sandals and flip flops that are on sale too. Be sure not to miss those!

If you shop with us online at, don’t fear! We also have an amazing summer sale section just for you! And, for a limited time, for all orders over $100, we are offering FREE SHIPPING! Just remember to enter code: ShipFree at checkout.

Sadly, our summer is winding down. I hope you’ve  had a wonderful time enjoying the beach, the pool, or the backyard with your friends and family like we have. Let’s savor these last few weeks of summer slow down before school starts back. I know my family will try to!

Celebrating the Fourth, Giles Style!

Jul 5, 2011

I hope each of you had a fabulous Fourth of July holiday! That Store was closed for the holiday so that we could spend time with our families. And that we did!

My family had a wonderful time eating, visiting, and watching the fireworks. My daughter Mary Katherine, who is 13, loves to bake. She and her friend Claire were in  charge of the dessert. They decided to bake cupcakes. She is a little bit like her mom. Once Mary Katherine decides to do something, she does it all the way! The finished product was red cupcakes with blue icing.  Red and white sprinkles finished off the top! She wants to open a bakery one day specializing in cupcakes! We’ll see! Here is their finished product. Believe me. They tasted as good as they looked.

After we devoured the traditional Fourth of July feast of grilled hamburgers, baked beans, & patriotic cupcakes, we all set out to watch the fireworks. Jack, my 3 year old, spent most of his time lighting sparklers instead of watching the huge fireworks in the sky! Jack wore his crab short set by Funtasia Too. And , of course, hischocolate brown Rainbow flip flops that he is never without this summer. He loves the convenience of kicking them on and off in a matter of seconds! Sooo little boy!

Prepare to Celebrate!

Jul 4, 2011

We  are so bad about doing things last minute. Take, for example, our last minute preparations for our Fourth of July Celebration Party. Last night my husband and I remembered that our urns surrounding our pool needed flowers. I know. Flowers for urns should have been bought way back in the spring! But, like I said. We are busy people, and we’re just getting around to focusing on that project. We usually visit Dothan Nurseries for our flowers. They are so helpful! I tell them what planters I have, and they design them for me. I know absolutely nothing about flowers. All I know is what I like!

But this season, we waited soooo late that we thought we could do it ourselves. We were shopping at our new Publix (which I love by the way!). I’m not a big cook either. Actually, that’s not true. I try never to cook! Anyway, while I was in Publix, my husband was busy shopping at Home Depot. That is where he spotted a few plants that were left over that could be used in our urns and planters. So, now late in July, we have flowers! See what you think.

Now, onto more late minute things! The Giles just invited people over to celebrate the Fourth. It’ll be a scramble to grill out, swim, enjoy the new plants, & watch the fireworks! It never ends…