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Archive for June, 2011

Opening Up

Jun 28, 2011

I have been writing this blog for a good while now. And up until now, I have mainly talked about the store and its website. That Store does take up a large portion of my life. Another large portion is taken up by my beautiful family of five. This family of five is a busy bunch who never stops going and doing. Many of you have asked me to share more about my family along with the store. So, here it goes! Enjoy!

I have two daughters and one son. Morgan Lindsey is 15 and Mary Katherine is 13. Jack is 3. We traveled to Florida recently and stayed in a great little house that sits right on the beach. Jack is the only one, of course, who still fits into That Store’s clothes. Before I left the shop, I grabbed an Anavini crabs short set that had just gone on sale. I was actually mad at myself that I didn’t get it earlier in the season! It was too cute! I loved the red crabs with the aqua seersucker shorts. It’s so hard to make an outstanding little boy outfit, & this one is it! See for yourself! Jack knew it too. When I reached for the camera, he knew he would have to endure one of my photo shoots. The life of a store owner’s kid is hard work sometimes!

Rose Wise Heirloom Dress Trunk Show

Jun 15, 2011

New! Rose Wise heirloom dress trunk show at That Store!

Rose Wise will be at That Store on June 25th from 10am to 7pm by appointment only. Rose Wise heirloom dresses are beautiful and are made of the finest silks and laces! These heirloom dresses are perfect for the Little Miss Peanut Pageant and many other special occasions. We are proud to have Rose join us at That Store for our first ever Rose Wise Heirloom Dress Trunk Show! Rose will measure, choose the color, and design the heirloom dress just for your little girl! Each appointment is an hour long. Spaces are limited. There are only 8 available appointments, so call That Store today to schedule an appointment for your little queen!