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Archive for February, 2011

Just in…Sun Sans Thong Sandals!

Feb 27, 2011

Warmer weather means the start of what we’d like to call “sandal season” at That Store! Saturday, many who visited That Store were looking for sandals. One of our favorite brands of sandals is Sun Sans. Sun Sans makes great sandals like the surfer, sea wees, strappy, sharks, and sweethearts. This season they introduced the thong sandal in white, silver, and fuchsia. These thong sandals have been selling very well already! See our whole collecton of Sun Sans and more at and That Store in Dothan!

Sun San by Hoy Shoe Company Thong Sandal Fuchsia 

What’s Coming Up Next!

Feb 20, 2011

I just got back from the shoe market in Atlanta. I go there twice a year to pick out new styles of shoes for That Store! I have to admit, it is a perk to my job! Every time I go, I think of my mother. She would love to see the football field sized room full of every shoe imaginable! Row after row of shoes from manufacturers that the public has not seen yet! The only reason I haven’t invited her to come, is that you cannot buy them. They are only samples to order. You have to be patient and wait for them to arrive months later! This would not settle well with my mom!

I always get excited when my favorite companies add new styles! Footmates added  a t-strap for girls. Keds added a silver  t-strap Daphne. Although Pedipeds discontinued many styles, they added many more. Live & Luca added cowboy boots! Nina added ballet shoes with sparkle.  I found that Jumping Jacks had the softest baby mary jane. And last but not least, Stride Rite added a tennis shoe that has a sling shot at the heel that you can see right through the shoe!

I could go on and on with my finds at shoe market. But I guess you’ll just have to visit That Store in July and see for yourself! Fall 2011 looks better than ever!!

Spring Fever!

Feb 17, 2011

Lately, at That Store we’ve had so many requests for swimsuits. Everyone is asking when the swimsuits are coming in! It’s only February, but many of you must be coming down with spring fever! I’m afraid many of us at That Store has caught it too! If you’re like us, you’re dreaming about enjoying the pool or beach during spring break.  Everyone needs a new swimsuit for the start of the season!!

Check out our new swimsuits by Zuccini. The smocked turtle and sandpails are precious! Get noticed by the beach or pool this season with these smocked swimsuits by Zuccini!

Zuccini Sandpails Two Piece Swimsuit

Smocking Goes Wild!

Feb 10, 2011

I was thinking about how smocking has changed in the last couple of years. In the past, brands would focus on the smocking “plate” as they call it. The plate is the design of an object, person, or thing that is smocked on the outfit: monkeys, Christmas trees, zoo animals, or candy canes, ect. The fabric of the outfit used to be mainly ginghams, seersuckers, or corduroy. But now, most of our favorite smocking brands (Le Za Me, Zuccini, Anavini, Amanda Remembered to name a few) are focusing on the fabric of the outfit and letting the smocking be more of a geometric pattern. (A geometric pattern is mostly the smocking of lines and rosebuds instead of a picture.)  We now see more companies actually making their own fabrics that’s exclusive to their brand. Amanda Remembered and Le Za Me are a couple that come to mind.

In smocking, bright colors are in! Florals are in too! Wild graphics are in as well! At the last market I attended, Le Ze Me actually featured a gray with bright yellow and hot pink flowers bishop! It was beautiful and stood out because of the use of colors. Last season, Amanda Remembered had a lime zebra bishop with Santa Claus! We are just now seeing that smocking doesn’t neccessarily mean pink or blue ginghams. It means cool fabrics with vibrant colors and patterns. So this summer, shop That Store for smocking and go a little wild!

Le Za Me Floral Bishop