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Memorial Day SALE Online Too!

May 24, 2012

We’re celebrating Memorial Day in a BIG way online too! Take 40% off your ENTIRE ORDER! All you have to do is enter the code: Memorial40 in the coupon box when you checkout! And, we’ll ship it FREE on all orders over $150! You just can’t beat that!!

Wondering what customers were adding to their carts today? Sun Sans and smocked dresses! With a sale like this, it’s no wonder! What will you put in your cart?

Memorial Day SALE!

May 24, 2012

Celebrating holidays is something we love to do at That Store. This year, we’re celebrating Memorial Day in a BIG way! Inside our store, you’ll find ALL the clothing and ALL the shoes 40% to 75% off! Yes, you did hear me right. 40% to 75% off!!

On Saturday, our sales inside stay the same, but we’ll add a huge tent outside filled with unbelievable savings! You’ll find brands like Nike, Treasured Memories, Polo, Morgan & Milo, Secret Wishes, Stride Rite, Auraluz, La Jenns, Livie & Luca and many more all discounted up to 75% off! Heirlooms and school uniforms and smocking will be under the tent too! If that doesn’t get you excited, maybe lots of $5 items will! Our tent sale will be Saturday and Monday.

In the past, just the mention of a Tent Sale would bring lots of rain! So here’s hoping that the sun shines brightly and the weather holds out long enough for you to grab a great deal!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 11, 2012

Mother’s Day Weekend is a special time at That Store!  So many outstanding moms shop with us. We are always amazed at how quickly the moms start off in our newborn (sometimes preemie) section and make it all the way around our store to our 7-16 section!  We get to watch all those little ones grow up!

We decided this year to treat all moms to our outstanding Mother’s Day SALE! Our Entire Store is 30% to 75% off in-store. And, online, take 30% off your Entire Order with the code: MomsRule at checkout at!

A big thank you to all the moms who are so faithfull in shopping at That Store either online or in-store. Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s A Southern Thing…

Mar 6, 2012

There is one thing that all Southern moms like to do, especially at Easter.  Any guesses? It’s matching, of course! Moms and grandmothers who have boys and girls love to match their outfits.  At That Store, we LOVE a challenge! And there’s nothing more challenging that matching or coordinating outfits for children. Southerners know that a family Easter picture has to be just right!! Everything has to coordinate or match, down to the outfits that the little ones are wearing!

Now this may seem like an easy task, and most of the time, it is. But, when a mom has a 9month  old boy, a size 3t girl, and size 12 girl, it can get a little tricky! That’s three different size ranges! At That Store, we rely on our favorite brands like the Bailey Boys, Funtasia Too, Mom and Me, LeZa Me, Anavini, and more to specialize in offering their smocking or appliqued designs all the way from the smallest of infants all the way to size 16.

Easter egg hunts, Easter Sunday, and Easter pictures. It’s a Southern thing!  Let us at That Store coordinate your little ones outfits this Easter! Remember, your pictures and memories at Easter will last forever!

The Bailey Boys Chicks group!


Easter Reversibles. Pure Genius!

Mar 4, 2012

I often say, “I wish I had thought of that!” Reversible outfits are one thing I wish I had created! Especially in this economy, I think it’s genius that some of my favorite brands are making reversible outfits, ones that have appliques on both sides! These outfits that are two-in-one are popular in our store everyday, but they reach genius status during the Easter holidays! Bailey Boys, Funtasia Too, Zuccini, Peaches n Cream, and Mulberry Street all have Easter groups that also feature a precious applique of sailboats, elephants, ect. on the other side. The day after Easter, not a problem. Just flip the outfit or dress over and keep on wearing it! Now I ask again, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

This Bailey Boys Big Bunny Reversible Aline features a precious Easter bunny on one side and three pink sailboats on the other! Shop That Store today to see the rest of our large selection of reversible Easter outfits!

Love is in the Air at That Store!

Feb 12, 2012

One of my favorite days of the year is Valentine’s Day! I enjoy telling the people in my life that I love and appreciate them. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s the one day where you can enjoy all that chocolate candy in the beautiful heart-shaped boxes and not feel guilty about it!

We, at That Store, love our customers, both the local ones that we see each week and the ones that we have met only on the phone. In this economy, we treasure both groups! We love and appreciate your business so much that instead of sending you chocolate (we’ll let your husbands do that) we wanted  to send you an early Valentine’s gift: 20% off all orders over $50 at! All you have to do is enter the secret code: Love20 at checkout to enjoy our gift to you! Online only. This offer ends Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

For our local customers, Monday, February 13- Wednesday, February 15, for every $50 you spend at That Store, receive a $10 That Store Gift Card as our gift to you! Spends $100, receive two $10 That Store Gift Cards, ect.

Now those are gifts that you can enjoy and that won’t expand your waistline!


Whew…Busy Weekend

Dec 12, 2011

I don’t know about you, but our weekend was pretty busy!  And our Elf on the Shelf (aka Doodle) was a busy elf too! I admit, we got a little lazy this weekend with elf ideas. So, if you have a creative idea, send it my way!

If you’re looking for great Christmas deals, take a look at these two. In our store today, every time you spend $100, receive a $30 That Store Gift Card! Give the gift card as a gift, or keep it all to yourself! You do deserve it. If you are too far away to come into our store in Dothan, shop with us at Today, take $30 off all orders over $50! Plus, enjoy Free Shipping!

Take a look at our busy Doodle and see what he was up to this weekend. I hope it inspires you to get creative with the precious little elf at your house!

Doodle rides his John Deere Tractor!

Doodle loves my dining room arrangement. I like mercury glass too, Doodle!

By Sunday night, we were out of suggestions. Maybe with the new week, we will gain a little creativity!

That Doodle!

Dec 9, 2011


You’ll never guess where Jack found Doodle the elf this morning! Doodle was in the manger, of course! That silly elf!

Please help our family! We’re quickly running out of creative things for Doodle to do.  It’s only the 9th of December.

Send me 1. The name of the Elf at your house. 2. Ideas for nighttime elf behavior.  3. Any pictures with your little one and their elf. I’d love to hear from you!

Write on our Facebook wall at ShopThatStore or email me at

Our Doodle

Dec 8, 2011

Our Doodle Elf was a busy little elf last night! Jack found him in our kitchen this morning fishing for goldfish! Jack was a little worried that he might indeed catch his Peanut Festival Fish. This goldfish is a sturdy fish though. He holds the record for the longest living festival fish in the Giles household!

Get your Elf on the Shelf at That Store today! We even have Claire & Charlie bishops and longalls!

Elf Fascination

Dec 7, 2011

I’m not sure who has had more fun this Christmas season with our Elf On The Shelf, Jack or my girls! As soon as it gets dark each evening, my girls (15 & 13) and my husband begin to conspire about what our “Doodle” will be doing as soon as Jack goes to sleep! So far, Doodle has been found sitting atop the  toilet tissue roll looking down at a green-watered toilet! The next morning, Doodle was found kicked back relaxing in the snow in my hurricane lamp.

And this morning, he obviously enjoyed roasting marshmallows last night for his smores! (For an extra touch, Mary Katherine actually roasted the marshmallows on the toothpick!) I don’t know about yours, but our Doodle is a messy little elf. He left tiny marshmallows all around him!

We shave several elf products still available at That Store! The plush elf is great for the little ones who want to hold the elf and don’t understand (or care) about him loosing his magic. We also have a few of the elf skirts still available. Instantly turn your boy elf into a girl elf! And finally, the Claire & Charlie Elf Bishops and Longalls are perfect for this Christmas season! You can purchase these at That Store online at or in our store in Dothan.

We are constantly looking for creative elf ideas! We’d love to hear from you about your elf’s nightly journeys. And don’t forget to tell what your elf is called at your house!


Christmas Deals!

Dec 2, 2011

In this economy, everyone could use a little help here and there. So, keeping that in mind, we’ve got lots of deals for you this Christmas season! You can find our first deal in our sale section at Here you will find many Christmas dresses and outfits along with other great items on SALE! If you shop with us locally, we have these same Christmas dresses and outfits in our store on a rack right by the register so you can’t miss them!

Our second deal comes in the form of Free Gift Cards! At That Store in Dothan, spend $100, get a $30 gift card. If you spend $200, get two $30 gift cards, ect. This offer is good in our store only and ends Saturday, Dec. 3rd.

If you can’t shop in our store in Dothan, we have an online deal for you too! Take $25 off your order over $100! All you have to do is enter the code: Get25 at checkout!

I hope these fantastic deals put a little jingle in your step! Merry Christmas from all of us at That Store!

Christmas Cards!

Dec 2, 2011

The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year! And, I especially love to plan my family Christmas cards. This year, during one of our family trips to the beach, I asked (actually begged) my 3 children to take pictures on the beach. My girls are now 15 and 13. So, you can imagine how excited they were! I have to admit that I am a perfectionist when it comes to Christmas card photos. And I wanted to use my new lens that I have been playing with for months now. So, it came as no suprise to me or my family that we not only took pictures on this beach trip, but we also had a redo while we were at the beach on another trip! My girls were not happy with me. But it’s Christmas! Only the perfect picture and card idea will do!

Morgan and Mary Katherine decided to go with all white dresses. I dressed Jack in a white polo shirt with khaki shorts by Bailey Boys. Oh how I miss the days of the smocked jon jons! Listen to me. Wear the jons jons and the smocking as long as you can!! After that, it’s Polos and khaki pants forever. At That Store, we specialize in outfits and dresses for Christmas! Ashley always says I buy too many Christmas outfits! Every year, I tell her you can never have too many choices! After all, everyone wants the perfect Christmas card outfit!!

I promise to share my Christmas card with you as soon as they arrive. In the meantime, let me know what you decided to do for YOUR Christmas card and what your little ones are wearing.  Please post them on our facebook page or email them to me so we can all enjoy and get inspiration for next year!

I hope you have a very, merry Christmas!

Give Thanks

Oct 25, 2011

I guess I’m as guilty as everyone else! As soon as one holiday is approaching, I’m already thinking ahead to the next one. This week has me thinking about Thanksgiving! Can you believe that November is almost here? I have to admit that November is my birthday month. So, the older I get, November seems to roll around quicker than it used to! I wonder if anyone else notices this?

I’m not much of a cook. So, when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of what Jack will WEAR and not eat! I miss the days of a jon jon. He’s four and those days will never come back. So I look long and hard for themed outfits for the big boy who has grown out of the jon jons. I found several this year that I think everyone will like. They are from all of your favorite brands like Beehave, Bailey Boys, Fireflies & Fairytales, Zuccini, LaZaMe, and Collection Bebe by Vive La Fete.  I’m leaning toward either the turkey tee by Fireflies & Fairytales OR Zuccini for Jack. Both I think he will like!

Don’t forget to send us your Thanksgiving pictures of your little ones! We’d love to share them!!

Fall Food Drive!

Oct 23, 2011

One of my favorite times of the year is fall. I love the colder weather and all that it brings~ soup, a roaring fire, pumpkins, and mums by our front door! One of my favorite things at That Store has to be our annual Fall Food Drive when we team up with the Wiregrass Food Bank to collect cans of food for the needy in our area. Our customers love it too! Many come into the store with bags of cans ready to do their part for those in need. Every year when we call the Food Bank to come and pick up our donations, they are always surprised by the volume that we collected! I want to take this time to thank those who have given so generously to our Food Drive.

If you haven’t donated yet, no worries! You have until Saturday, October the 29th to get those cans in. And remember, for every 3 cans of food you donate, you get 30% off any one item of your choice! If you donate 6 cans of food, you get 30% off 2 items of your choice, and so on. It feels good in this hard economic time to help someone else! We thank you for your donations and for shopping at That Store!

We Did It!

Oct 12, 2011

A BIG thank you goes out to all of you who helped us reach 3,000 fans on Facebook! We promised you a big reward when we made it to our goal. So, today take 30% off your ENTIRE order at That Store both online and in our store!

Online customers enter the code: LikeUs30 at checkout at If you shop with us locally in Dothan, just tell us the secret Facebook phrase, “I Like That Store!” at checkout and get 30% off your entire purchase! Offer ends today!

You know us. We are never satisfied! Our next goal is 3,050 likes. Let’s reach this one in record time! Thanks again for shopping with and following us on Facebook!

Columbus Day SALE

Oct 8, 2011

Cari, Ashley, and I always enjoy our “meeting of the minds”. Every now and then, we get together for a pow wow and brainstorm about upcoming holidays and special offers. Columbus Day is Monday, and we decided that to only celebrate on Monday would be a little boring! So, we talked about celebrating Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! This gives you the time fit in a little shopping during the holiday weekend. We voted to have our famous Entire Store SALE ~ 20% to 75% off everything in the store!  You have always told us this sale is your favorite sale. You love to get socks, shoes and bows on sale. This is the weekend to do it! And, this sale is also for our internet customers too. Just enter the code: Columbus20 at checkout to take 20% off your entire order!

Also, I know you’ve heard of our Great Pumpkin Giveaway! This is your chance to win a $45 That Store Gift Card! All throughout the month of October, guess the number of candy corns in our pumpkin. The lucky customer who comes the closest gets the $45 Gift Card! And don’t forget to let your little one pick out a spider or bat ring!

Let us hear from you about what sales or special offers YOU would like for us to plan! You never know, we just might pick your idea!

In These Hard Economic Times…

Sep 22, 2011

I am very much aware of these trying, economic times. It seems like prices on everything just keep going up and up! So, I’ve thought long and hard about what we can do at That Store to help our customers. The first thing that I came up with is to lower prices on some of your (and mine) favorite brands. The prices of Anavini, Morgan & Milo, Clarie & Charlie, and Vive La Fete just to name a few have all been lowered!

I searched high and low to find precious new brands at reasonable prices. Mud Pie, ToeBlooms, Blue Juniper, Fireflies & Fairytales, and Jelly the Pug are just a few.

The third plan I put into place was to increase the number of ways to save at That Store. The tradional coupons in the Dothan  Eagle can still be found, but we have added coupons on!

If you are on our email list, we will email you coupons and store specials. At one point, you had to print them and bring the coupon with you into That Store. But, to make it easier, you can now just show us your phone in order to use the coupons. If you’re not on our email list, the sign up lists are by each register.

You can also receive a text from us, either a coupon or a store special. Again, you can show us your phone for the discount. For these mobile coupons, text “ThatStore” to 82672 if you live in or around Dothan. If you live outside our area, text “ShopThatStore” to 82672 to sign up.

Several times a year, you will receive a mail-out that has coupons to use in our store.

And lastly, I’ve stepped up our Facebook presence. “Like” us on Facebook so you will be in-the-know about store specials and coupons! By all means, tell all your friends to like our page too. When we hit 3,000 likes, we’ll give 30% off our entire store both in-store and!

And finally, my favorite, the Customer Loyalty Program! When you check out, be sure to ask for your card. Once you fill it up, enjoy a FREE Gift Card to That Store! We’ve already had several customers receive their free That Store gift cards!

I appreciate our customers both locally and at! You have voted That Store the best children’s store for 8 years in a row. Now it’s my turn to give back and give our customers a helping hand.

Precious Toeblooms…now at That Store!

Sep 14, 2011

Let me start out by saying that nothing is cuter to me than the little toes of newborns! I have been known to take pictures of only their toes on occasion. In fact, even though Jack is now a toddler, I still every once in a while have to take a picture of his little feet.

One of our favorite customers came into That Store the other day and her little baby girl had on the most precious little flower shoes.  She said a friend from Texas gave them to her. I had never seen anything like them! I’ve been buying for That Store for 8 years now, so I get excited when I see a new and different brand! I fell in love with them and  knew all of our other customers would love to have a pair too. The shoes are called “ToeBlooms” and they come in two different styles. One style is similar to a flip flop. It has a loop on the end that hooks around that precious big toe. The other style is a wrap around. Socks can even be worn with the wrap arounds. Great for the cooler months! I can just see Wendy Jones photographing those newborn baby girls curled up with beautiful flowers on their toes! Too precious. This is one of the products that makes you say, “Now why didn’t I think of that!”. Maybe I will work on an style for little boys!

The ToeBlooms are not on our website quite yet. But, give us a call, and we can ship them to you!

ToeBloom Sweetheart. These pink Blooming Wraps are a must-have accessory for your little sweetheart! They are sure to add the finishing touch to your little ones outfit!

Talk about an eye catcher! These bright pink Blooming Toes will be sure to attract attention. A perfect addition to your little ones most darling outfits!

Things Are A Changing…

Sep 9, 2011

When I was younger, I didn’t like for things to change. It really didn’t matter what was changing: the seasons, school starting back, or daylight savings time. Whatever it was, change made me a little uneasy! But now as I get older, a little change is good now and then!

All three of my children have now started back to school. We are knee deep in cheerleading and teenage girls going in and out of our house. And Jack is busy adapting going to school everyday, whether he wants to or not!

My mother’s passing resently has brought about many changes too. Our family lost its anchor and leader. Living life without her will be a huge change that I will struggle to accept. Some changes like this are ones that hurt deep down into your soul.

On a lighter note, That Store is changing too. I am looking into updating our website! I’m thinking brighter colors, a new logo and cool graphics.  Any ideas on this are welcome!

I can’t leave out our Dothan store! We’ve added several fabulous brands like  Jelly the Pug, Blue Juniper, and Mud Pie! Everyone loves them and their prices! Each have been selling well.   

Life lesson: change can be good and the ones that hurt too much will hopefully feel better over time.

First Day of School

Aug 23, 2011

Just like many of you, my children have started back to school recently. My girls entered the  tenth and eighth grades this year. Time with them is flying by! For both girls, starting back to school was a piece of cake. All summer long, they attended basketball and cheerleader camps. So, to be honest, it really didn’t feel like they had much of a summer break. They both like school, and both were ready to see their friends. Starting back on classwork and homework was another story. But, we have quickly started a routine, and all is well.

This morning, though, my baby Jack  started school. And that was a whole other story! If you know me, you know it’s all about the first day of school outfit and the new nap mat! Jack wore the Bailey Boy’s shark short set with navy Sun Sans sandals. They told me to wear old clothes that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty. But, as a children’s clothing store owner, I just couldn’t do that! It’s not in me. So, Jack had to look good on his first day. And he did! He walked into  his new school carrying his new Stephen Joseph farm backpack with his coordinating Stephen Joseph horse nap mat. Both of which need to be monogrammed!

Jack is usually an outgoing child. But this morning he was shy and uncertain of his new surroundings. He hid behind me and didn’t want to join in right away. He only knew one little girl! This broke my heart into a million pieces! As a mom, you know if he hurts, you feel that same hurt deep in your bones. But after a few minutes and a couple of breakdowns (by me), he soon sat at the table and began to color with the rest of the class. And at that moment, Jack began to grow up right before my eyes. On the bright side, the little girl that Jack knew, told him that she was now his girlfriend. All in all, not a bad first day of school!