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Christmas in January??

Jan 6, 2011

Nothing thrills me more than to open boxes at the beginning of a new season! My heart skips a beat when our favorite UPS guy opens the door and rolls in all the many boxes that has “That Store” written all over them! I’m afraid I’m just like my little boy Jack  at Christmas as I squeal with delight when I read the company’s names on the boxes! Like this week when the first box arrived from Amanda Remembered. I ran to get the box cutter to see what I had ordered way back in July. One of the smocked bishops in the box was the bubble blast bishop.  I remembered this one from the July market. In fact, Amanda Remembered had used this same fabric some three or four seasons ago. It was such a popular fabric, they have brought it back! I’m very excited to have this bishop back in our shop this season. I think our customers will once again love to have it!

I love my job! And who wouldn’t? Experiencing Christmas in January is the best job of all! Shop this bishop and more at!

Amanda Remembered Bubble Blast Bishop

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