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Elf Fascination

Dec 7, 2011

I’m not sure who has had more fun this Christmas season with our Elf On The Shelf, Jack or my girls! As soon as it gets dark each evening, my girls (15 & 13) and my husband begin to conspire about what our “Doodle” will be doing as soon as Jack goes to sleep! So far, Doodle has been found sitting atop theĀ  toilet tissue roll looking down at a green-watered toilet! The next morning, Doodle was found kicked back relaxing in the snow in my hurricane lamp.

And this morning, he obviously enjoyed roasting marshmallows last night for his smores! (For an extra touch, Mary Katherine actually roasted the marshmallows on the toothpick!) I don’t know about yours, but our Doodle is a messy little elf. He left tiny marshmallows all around him!

We shave several elf products still available at That Store! The plush elf is great for the little ones who want to hold the elf and don’t understand (or care) about him loosing his magic. We also have a few of the elf skirts still available. Instantly turn your boy elf into a girl elf! And finally, the Claire & Charlie Elf Bishops and Longalls are perfect for this Christmas season! You can purchase these at That Store online at or in our store in Dothan.

We are constantly looking for creative elf ideas! We’d love to hear from you about your elf’s nightly journeys. And don’t forget to tell what your elf is called at your house!


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