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Give Thanks

Oct 25, 2011

I guess I’m as guilty as everyone else! As soon as one holiday is approaching, I’m already thinking ahead to the next one. This week has me thinking about Thanksgiving! Can you believe that November is almost here? I have to admit that November is my birthday month. So, the older I get, November seems to roll around quicker than it used to! I wonder if anyone else notices this?

I’m not much of a cook. So, when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of what Jack will WEAR and not eat! I miss the days of a jon jon. He’s four and those days will never come back. So I look long and hard for themed outfits for the big boy who has grown out of the jon jons. I found several this year that I think everyone will like. They are from all of your favorite brands like Beehave, Bailey Boys, Fireflies & Fairytales, Zuccini, LaZaMe, and Collection Bebe by Vive La Fete.¬† I’m leaning¬†toward either the turkey tee by Fireflies & Fairytales OR Zuccini for Jack. Both I think he will like!

Don’t forget to send us your Thanksgiving pictures of your little ones! We’d love to share them!!

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